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A one stop destination for ground breaking original series, informative reviews, insightful celeb interviews and up-to-the-second web trends. It publishes some of the biggest blogs in Film, TV, and Gaming and also offers its own editorial opinions on all things pop culture.

  • 32MM Cross-platform Uniques
  • 3.7MM Social Footprint

Google Analytics, May 2015

The ultimate destination for young dudes to get their daily fix of top-notch entertainment and a one-stop hub to keep up with the latest news and trends, seek advice, share exploits, and relish in the glory of being a Bro. From BBQs and hot girls to brotips and sports, it's a go-to for guys.

  • 13.5MM Cross-platform Uniques
  • 2.3MM Social Footprint

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Animal is a daily source of Art, News and Culture, creating original content, breaking stories, aggregating stuff, throwing events/parties and interacting with Humans IRL. Since 2003, Animal has reported from the gut of the city and the fringes of the internet.

  • 260K Cross-platform Uniques
  • 32K Social Footprint

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The premier destination to find the best footwear to fit your style. With daily updates and coverage of every major brand, its editorial and video reviews have become the go-to source for anyone looking to be as fresh to death as possible.

  • 2.1MM Cross-platform Uniques
  • 1.7MM Social Footprint

Google Analytics, May 2015 is a site for anyone who is curious about the world around them. Whether you’re interested in science, technology, art, or the intersection of all three, we apply our slightly warped perspective to.... well, pretty much any topic that we’re interested in. When you’re ready to explore the world around you, dive into the site, and NEVER. STOP. TESTING.

Home to I Can Has Cheezburger, FAIL Blog, Know Your Meme and Memebase, it's one of the largest social humor sites where millions of people come every day to laugh out loud. Visitors can view, create or remix themes, and share their favorite funny pictures.

  • 7.6MM Cross-platform Uniques
  • 2.5MM Social Footprint

Google Analytics, May 2015

By the common man, for the common man. Led by El Presidente, Dave Portnoy, Barstool takes a humorous and sometimes edgy view on all things sports. From TV and girls to cities and podcasts, Basrstool Sports is the authority on everyday sports culture.

  • 2.5MM Cross-platform Uniques
  • 375K Social Footprint

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The Roosevelts meets all the interests and needs of the upper middle class male. Whether it’s sports, fashion, humor or entertainment, The Roosevelts is the ultimate source for men to experience the online equivalent of a "Sunday Rooftop BBQ".

  • 960K Cross-platform Uniques
  • 35K Social Footprint

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Housing 250K+ user and celeb submitted mix tapes, Dat Piff provides fans with their daily blast of hip hop culture from today's hottest DJs and Artists. Download the mobile app for even more mixtaps on the go and shop for custom site gear too.

  • 2MM Cross-platform Uniques
  • 1.6MM Social Footprint

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With strong journalistic backgrounds from the world's most prominent brands plus 175+ editorial contributors on the pulse of entertainment, Woven Publishing is an unmatched editorial force of experts.

300+ Daily Original Content
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Authoritative Editorial

FILM | Vince's review of Mad Max: Fury Road...


TV | An Oral History Of ‘Parks And Recreation’


SPORTS | Russell Westbrook Profile at EA Sports Immersion Day


TV | Letterman’s Longtime Head Writers, On The Time They Almost Accidentally Killed Dave


MUSIC | Donnie’s Song: The Inside Story Of How Social Experiment’s ‘Surf’ Came To Life


Native Success


2.25MM Views + Engagements

Curve Sport

271K Views + Engagements

American Dad

2MM Views + Engagements

22 Jump Street

3.7MM Views + Engagements

Bud Light

18MM Views + Engagements

Mike’s Hard Lemonade

9MM Views + Engagements

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UPROXX's New Year-Long
Event + On-Site Series

  • Fun
  • Fearless
  • Designed for Maximum Elation
  • Rock Out All Year Long

Premiere Event at sxsw music 2015

Premiere Event at sxsw music 2015

Premiere Event at sxsw music 2015

Premiere Event at sxsw music 2015

Premiere Event at sxsw music 2015

Premiere Event at sxsw music 2015

Premiere Event at sxsw music 2015

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Presented By Miller Lite

  • #UPROXXHouse owned SXSW Music in Austin in 2015
  • 3 artists, 3 nights, 1 song, Twisted Sister’s “We’re Not Gonna Take It!”, in the same key + same tempo
  • Performances by Bleachers, Future, Best Coast + more

Presented by HP Sprout

  • The world's most popular tech show with 14MM+ average views per episode
  • Exploring today's most promising young technology entrepreneurs and inventors
  • An Original Series produced, directed, and distributed by Woven Studios

Presented by Toyota

  • Celebrating those amongst us who are fascinating representatives of our species
  • Topic flexibility offers an intriguing opportunity for a wide array of brand partners
  • An Original Series produced, directed, and distributed by Woven Studios